Merry Kitchen! Come have a wonderfully, delicous time decorating one of the best tasting gingerbread cookies you've ever had! The kids will love squeezing the icing and placing the red hots, gum drops and merry sprinkles on their gingerbread man! They can choose to eat their cookie right then (parents permitting) or pack it up and save for later! Additional cookies will be available for sale should you decide they are to good to leave without extra (which I'm pretty sure you will, they are THAT good!!) Pajama wardrobe is encouraged, but not required. Holiday colors (red, white, black, green) encouraged as well. This set is 10x8 foot and can fit a family of 4 easily if mom and dad wanna pop in!
Merry Goodnight! This adorable set gives all the night before Christmas vibes! Kiddos are bright eyed waiting on santa to arrive! Have they been naughty or nice? Maybe a good bed time story will help them close there eyes and go good night! This is a 5x7 set with at twin air mattress that can hold 300lbs. Best suited for 2-3 kiddos. Pajama wardrobe is strongly encouraged for this set. Bring your favorite holiday book or borrow one of the many we will have available! Favorite stuffed animal is allowed as well, if desired! Parents can also be in this set sitting on the sides.